About Us

Engagifi was born out of a deep passion for the film industry and the transformative power of a well-told story. Our journey began with the aspiration to pioneer a new genre of interactive movies, transitioning audiences from passive spectators to active participants in an unfolding narrative. With the advent of AI, we turned this vision into a reality, harnessing machine learning to elevate storytelling. However, unlike AI approaches that introduce synthetic humans, our approach has been committed to preserving the human touch. We introduced “AI-Assist” to video creation, empowering real humans with superpowers to craft an entirely new form of video content that is conversational and  immersive. Engagifi allows storytellers to incorporate decision points, branching storylines, and user-driven actions, in combination with our patented conversational human host.

Our mission extends beyond innovation; it’s about reshaping how storytellers connect with their audiences. Whether you’re a creator, advertiser, teacher, spokesperson, or anyone sharing a story, our goal is to empower you with these dynamic storytelling techniques, fostering a new era of engagement in the world of video content.

Dmitriy Pinskiy, Founder and CEO

Dmitriy’s expertise is in computer graphics for the film industry. He has pioneered technologies for cloth simulation, 3D character animation, and photo-realistic avatars.  Dimitriy  has  published 13 research papers and has earned 3 patents in CGI. His career journey includes 16 years at Walt Disney Animation Studio, where his credits include 12 full-length Disney movies including 3 Oscar winners for Best Animation Feature.

Following Disney,  Dmitriy joined Spree 3D, a generative AI  startup, heading the  geometry team to implement the first architecture for real-time creation of videos that feature  photo-realistic avatars of users.

Dmitriy began his journey in computer graphics with a  graduate degree in Computer Science (with specialization in computer graphics and volume visualization) at UC, Davis with graduate research in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Lina Pinskaya, Founder and CFO

Lina’s expertise is in financial planning & analysis, working as executive director for major studios including Sony Pictures and 21st Century Fox. Her work experience includes 12 years of financial modeling and KPIs at Fox studio.

Lina has MBA from Regis University and is pursuing a graduate certificate in corporate finance at Harvard

Eric Rubin,  Founder

With over 3 decades  in the software  industry, Eric’s expertise is in sales and business development. He was an early mover in the cloud in 1999 with WebEx as GM of BD, and helped design some of the predominant BD models for SaaS partnerships. Eric has held leadership roles in a broad array of disciplines including; Cloud, AI, CAD, Collaboration, and  Middleware. Recently he was on the founding team as COO for a venture funded generative AI startup, developing photorealistic and animatable Avatars.  Prior to this  he was founder and CEO of DreamFactory, an innovative API automation platform company and guided it through a successful acquisition.

Gigi Berry,  Founder

Gigi has extensive expertise in media production as an entertainment executive for over 15  years.  Working for networks AMC and Netflix her career has blended talent acquisition with brand development  She has  played  pivotal roles in shaping the narrative for esteemed brands such as Liquid IV, Amazon, McDonalds and Target and has passion for being on the leading edge of media innovation. Gigi is a force in the industry, known for her ability to shape and amplify brand stories with a strategic and creative touch

Gigi’s Media & Entertainment career has spanned both sides of the camera.  Starting at age 3 she was in a Jello pops commercial and by age 20 she was hosting a Nationwide TV show on Fox.